Know a Little About Us

Our Mission

We are here to make your business smooth, to get the work going in the digital world with the finest services and unmatched quality and support. Our prime focus is putting you on the web in the best way possible.  

Web Development Services

Our Web Development Services are tested with robust hosting and high end performances. We are hosted on global datacenters. 


Creative & Design Services

Our Creative and Design services included Content and Graphics that are well customized for your needs. Top class services that match global standards

Digital Marketing Services

Our Marketing and Branding Services include Social Media and SEO with latest algorithms and trends. Paid Campaigns enhance your reach to customized audience 

Simply Plugged + Designogram = Best Services Guaranteed

Simply Plugged is an premier Agency for Web Development in India and the US, It has pioneered itself in taking care of minute aspects and accuracy of web elements that are often ignored. Just a Website is not the answer – A Website that is fast, responsive, smart, elegant, intuitive and well optimized is the answer. 

Designogram is a well known name for Design, Branding and Marketing. They are experts in reaching out and making the best presentable approach. Their work cut across various fields and dimensions.  They are masters of optimization and marketing. 

Simply Plugged, along with Designogram is a power package of best services guaranteed. We are here to deliver the best, globally with the best team and the best tools. Our approach is of minimal and elegance and at par with global standards.  We are ranked as Top Austin Video Production Agencies by Designrush. 

Why our Web Services are Different

  • Speed Optimized and Tested by GTMetrix (A Ratings)
  • Images hosted on separate Server for Blazing Speeds
  • Cloudflare CDN – Globally Hosted Servers to increase uptime
  • Multi E-mail Hosting Options Available
  • Enhanced Security with Daily Updates
  • Daily Backups of the Website
  • Best Server Optimization and Quick Support Available
  • Clean, Minimalist & Elegant Layout
  • Fully Mobile & Tablet Responsive