About Us

Simply Plugged - The Pioneers on Web

Simply Plugged is an innovative web development agency that has worked with over 500 clients in more than 15 countries. We are the solution architects for all web-based solutions, including professional websites, eCommerce solutions, hotel booking systems and restaurant delivery services. With expertise in PHP and WordPress development we have a proven track record of delivering elegant information presentation to our clients worldwide.

Our team of highly skilled professionals understand how important it is for businesses to have a strong online presence – whether through website design or digital marketing campaigns – and so provide tailored strategies that meet each customer’s individual needs. Our portfolio includes work from some of the world’s leading companies such as Microsoft and Amazon; demonstrating our commitment to quality service no matter what size or industry sector the client belongs too!

We are proud members of numerous professional associations which endorse us as reliable experts in this field; allowing customers peace-of-mind when choosing Simply Plugged as their preferred partner for any web based project! So if you’re looking for experienced developers who can create stunningly designed websites then look no further than Simply Plugged – your one stop shop solution provider!